It Was July 2006 When SONAC started a new Sister Company SONAC For Import & Export  its aim was to import Chicken Grillers For Egyptian Market after the increasing demand due to Bird Flu (HPAI) infected Birds in Egypt.

We SONAC Import & Export Started Importing From Brazil SADIA Brand which was and still the number one Brand in The world.

For  the Purpose of Distribution of our imported Chicken We started  A new Distribution  Company Egyptian trade house for the Purpose of Distributing Chicken  All around Egypt With a fleet of 10 refrigerated Trucks and full team for this purpose .

 In 2010 SONAC  has built a 3000  tons Cold Store specially for its import of Chicken.

Today in 2017 SONAC  imports  around 20,000  tons/year.


Frozen Chicken Griller Specifications With HALAL Certificate

  • Sizes from (900 gm till 1400 gm) without neck or giblets
  • Yellow outer  skin off
  • Well clean & fresh
  • No Bruise
  • No Black Paad or Ammonia Burns
  • No Bad smell
  • No Extravagated Blood
  • The moisture content is less than 3%
  • Fracture Content is less than 3%
  • Free from Chicken feet and Paws and Other parts