Citrus Orchards & Packing Lines

  • SONAC now operates three packing lines in the company's complex near Alexandria for selecting, waxing, sizing and packing citrus fruits with a total capacity of 100 tons/hr combined.
  • Thanks to the Spanish and Italian technique in our packing lines, ensuring for every single Orange a delicate and soft handling till it's loaded.
  • SONAC installed the latest automatic palletizes in every packing line and self glue cartons machines for automatic forming of machines.
  • A full maintenance plan is designed for every packing line separately, EU experts are involved and updating year after year with their latest innovation in the industry.
  • Being a market driven company, SONAC installed its first two degreening rooms in 2002, now after its success, we have four degreening rooms in our packing houses.
  • We carefully adapted all our operations to fully comply and to keep our environment, along with a hygiene plan that is strictly followed by all company's management and labors.