About Us

SONAC is a family company that has specialized for over 35 years in growing producing and exporting top quality agricultural products. When it first started in 1979, SONAC's objective was to export and promote Egyptian agricultural products and commodities in various foreign markets. Today, it is an Egyptian joint stock limited company with a capital of 50 million Egyptian pound and is currently one of the largest producer and exporter of fresh potatoes and citrus fruits and frozen veggies in the entire Middle East.

Our worldwide reputation and highly acclaimed quality now speaks for the entire food industry of Egypt. Our outstanding achievements in terms of quality standards and customer satisfaction truly reflects the huge role that SONAC has played in expanding the potential of Egypt products.

Sonac is accredited with ISO 9002, HACCP, EurepGap, BRC and Organic. We are also approved by the UN peace troops (MFO) as a sanitarily approved food establishment and strictly comply with all Egyptian quality standers.

Our citrus produce is found in foreign markets under our traditional trademark (TUTANKHAMON, CHARIOT, HURGHADA, SHARM EL SHEIKH). Potatoes are usually marketed under the trademark Chariot. While Frozen Vegetables and Fruits are marketed under the trademark HANA and ZAINA Rice is branded with TUTANKHAMON.



Mr. Khaled Abou Ismail Chairman

Below is a timeline showing the main points along the history of Sonac:

Year Accomplishment
1979 Khaled Ahmed Abou Ismail and Sons founded SONAC with a capital of L.E. 50,000
1987 SONAC became the first private sector company in Egypt allowed to Export Citrus Fruits.
1989 Citrus And potatoes Stations are built at the company's grounds for the processing and packing of Citrus fruits and potatoes.
1990 A huge cold store of 7,000 Tons capacity was installed in order to match the - increasing demand on SONAC's products and to serve the ever increasing storage needs for seeds and industrial potatoes.
1992 A second 3,000 tons capacity cold store is installed becoming a total of 10,000 tons storage capacity accompanied.
1993 An IQF plant for Frozen Vegetables & Fruits is installed.
1994 - Starts Production and export of frozen Vegetables & Fruits
- SONAC is transformed into an Egyptian joint stock limited company with a capital of 50 million Egyptian Pounds.
1996 - Export figures hit record values of 40,000 tons of potatoes , 50,000 tons of Citrus Fruits and 5000 tons of Frozen Vegetables & Fruits.
1997 - SONAC is awarded the ISO 9002 Certificate for its quality management.
- SONAC launches a new Marketing Department for the purpose of extending it's markets into all parts of the world.
1998 - A 5000 Tons capacity a Cold store is added to capacity with a full computerized cold store is built to store potatoes for major crisping factories in Egypt and Europe & Gulf Area.
1999 - The Company was accredited with HACCP certificated.
2000 - The company's chairman became the president of the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Commerce.
2001 - In November he became the president of The Arab Federation of Chambers of Commerce.
- Certified Organic potatoes packer.
2002 - SONAC entered the agriculture process, Planting around 6000 Fdns of potatoes and 4000 Fdns of Oranges.
- SONAC installed the latest techniques in cultivation reached our expansions to 100% own potatoes, 50% of own   Citrus.
2004 - A new citrus packing line installed to become 3 lines in   production, Reaching to 100 Tons/hr. 
- Certified as EurepGap for all farms potatoes and citrus.
2005 - Certified as organic citrus packer.
2006 - Opening and establishing a new Company specialized in importing and Distributing of frozen food stuff and chicken griller.
2007 - SONAC is accredited with BRC Certificate.
2010 - Export figures hit record values of 50,000 tons of potatoes, 60,000 tons of Citrus Fruits and 8500 tons of Frozen Vegetables & Fruits.
2012 - Potatoes: new packing station specially for organic.
- Increase our plantation to cover market needs all over the world and our clients needs.
2014 - Cold stores: By the end of 2014 a new cold store has been born by hight technology and fully automatic control .
The concept of this cold store is first in first out by capacity 2500 tons to serve the citrus sector and keep the fruit fresh the longest time to be delivered in a good quality.
- This new cold store have four pre-coolers as to serve the citrus sector also the international protocols need the cooling treatment for some countries ( China - Indonesia- Hong Kong- rassian else.
- Also there is a new cold store and pre- cooler in the packing house is the farm to serve the production of this packing house in the farm.