Quality Assurance

We at SONAC believe that quality is the key in all the successful relationships with clients all over the world, in emerging relations or in long standing ones.

In order to keep that, and to develop and to update with all quality requirements changing from day to day and from market to other, we created harmony for our several departments to guarantee the quality and consistency of all products that bear the name SONAC.

Raw material inspection department, productions departments, technical department, coldstores deptartment, along with the quality system applied through all production stages.

Internal auditing department for detecting records, reports for any defects or malfunctions in the systems applied in the company, in order to develop these systems further, to ensure compliance with the ISO 9002 and HACCP standard Specifications and EurepGap; as well as maximum production efficiency.

Training department, responsible for qualifying and increasing the fitness and skill of every single company's employee - manpower and administrative. This is achieved through internal and external training courses with qualified competent authorities in all the company's activates and labor stages.

We have our central laboratory in our company equipped with the most modern scientific equipment in order to carry out chemical, microbiological and biological sensory tests on raw materials, final products, even the working environment itself. This lab is operated and supervised by experts.