IQF Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Since 1994, SONAC has been producing Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) vegetable and fruits.

SONAC installed the most modern machinery available and applied the latest technological trends in quick freezing.

Our aim is to bring to your table remarkably healthy vegetables and fruits that taste so good that they can, which does happen a lot, be easily mistaken as fresh. With absolutely no preservatives or other chemicals added, the products are as close as they can get to nature

We are also one of the few companies in the Middle East region that has a quick freezing facility that applies sudden change from +90 degrees centigrade to -40 degrees centigrade in less than 18 seconds - that's what we call Instant freezing.

This method has proven its excellence over other traditional methods that apply multi-stage freezing, such as pre-cooling. This also ensures that the vegetables retain their original color, taste and most importantly, their full nutritional value.

Our experienced production, storage, technical, quality, and sales departments allow us to offer a unique level of flexibility in terms of product specifications. Please feel free to contact us for further information about special orders.