Mission Statement

  1. Keeping the environment clean
    SONAC has also initiated environmental program, aimed at increasing the awareness of all company's employees to the actual environmental issues concerning the food industry. This is just another example of SONAC's pioneering spirit. 

  2. Direct from soil/tree to bag/carton
    Keeping our products safe, healthy, maximizing its shelf life and being monitored; since we receive them from our own farms (first supplier) till it reaches our end customer hands. We Grow, Pack & Export. 

  3. Using highest technique available 
    In full cultivation lines, packing lines, in pre & post harvest chemicals and logistics as well. 

  4. A stand in all global exhibitions 
    We do not wait till the customer reaches to us, we go to exhibit in many countries, such as UK, France, Germany And Russia. We perform market researches, and have a live view of our competitors from all over the world. 

  5. Good Agriculture practice in all our farms 
    We are EurepGap in all Potatoes and Citrus Farms. 

  6. Social 
    We believe that any national firm in Egypt should have a direct and indirect social positive effect on the surrounded environment. From this belief, we take some steps to serve people who are living in the village near our packing house. 

    • SONAC established a school to teach our labors' children
    • Built a mosque for same village
    • Being the sponsor of the city football team

  7. Acquiring New Certificates 
    We are on the ISO 22000 Track.